Seattle Lingerie Football Team Practices For Public

Good news, Seattle fans! Your dreary days of a sad sports landscape will soon be over. The Seahawks make you sour? The Mariners make you miserable? The lack of Sonics make you feel lousy? No matter - because here comes the Seattle Mist!

Seattle Mist

No, it’s not the newest flavor from Jones Soda (although that does sound delicious), but one of the newest franchises of the Lingerie Football League (which also sounds delicious). And today’s a lucky day for you Seattle-area football fanatics, as the Mist will be holding their first practice - and it’s open to the public!

Greg Johns of the SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER informs us that the lingerie ladies will be showing their skills from noon to 2 p.m. at the Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila. (Starfire - sounds like the name of a late-night establishment some of these football gals work at in the offseason. Hey, it wouldn’t be part of some nudist resort, would it?)

But do your best to make it out to this practice session, as it will be the only one available for public viewing this season. If you want to see these bra & panty-clad players again, it will cost you anywhere from $14 to $107 per game when the season starts in September. Then again, if ticket sales are slow, the Mist might be convinced to hold another open practice, to remind guys what they’ll be watching when they order their seats now!

So, what can fans expect for today’s Mist-ifying performance? Probably something similar to the drills done by the Denver Dream. I’m not sure how the players will react to any photo requests - they could be cool, or they could threaten to sue. Only one way to find out - grab your camera, take a long lunch, and head out to Tukwila!

To find our more about the Mist (schedule, roster, measurements, turn-ons, turn-offs, etc.), feel free to check out their official website. You’ll be glad you did!