Seattle: Snowballs Chucked At Holmgren, Sea Gals

By now, you’ve probably seen the footage of the Jets’ Shaun Ellis hurling a giant snow chunk at Seahawks fans on his way out of Qwest Field on Sunday, in response to his teammates getting pelted by the Seattle faithful.

Seattle cheerleaders duck for cover

But you may not have heard that folks in Seattle just don’t handle their snow well in general, as it appears that they also tossed frozen treats at their own cheerleaders and coach Mike Holmgren as he attempted to make a lap around the stadium thanking fans for their support during his coaching tenure (Sunday was his last home game as coach).

Basically, as the video after the jump shows,  anyone who was on the field was fair game. A little frustrated, Seattleites?

The above photo, courtesy of BUSTED COVERAGE, shows the Sea Gals ducking for cover as they exit the field, while facing an onslaught of ice balls. That was apparently their reward for going out in the elements with skirts on:

Seahawks cheerleaders

Meanwhile, Holmgren was having to dodge flying snow during his “victory lap” of the stadium on Sunday. Dave Boling of the TACOMA NEWS-TRIBUNE was not amused:

And what a nice going-away present it would have been if Mike Holmgren had gotten nailed by any one of the dozens of snowballs cast in his direction and had to give his farewell press conference with a bloody nose.

I know it’s a bit trite to have to remind everybody, but he could have had “an eye put out.”

How would that have looked? Maybe a broken nose, a shiner, a fat lip. Worse would be the indignity.

Holmgren tried to take the whole thing in stride, but this was clearly amateur hour in the Pacific Northwest, which is experiencing one of its worst winter storms in some 40 years. I mean, check out these guys:

Drunk Seahawks fans

Green Bay and Chicago are embarrassed for these dudes. As for the merciless nature of the fans and their newfound weapons, here’s another angle of the Jets’ departure from the field. Ellis’ snow chunk heads into the stands at the 1:03 mark on your far right: