Seattle Fans, Sonics Squaring Off In Federal Court

So battle lines have been drawn for some time in this battle between Sonics fans in Seattle and team management. It’s somewhat similar to when you break up with a girl and she’s all, “Please don’t leave!” And you’re all, “Too bad!” And then she steals your car keys and dangles them out the bedroom window. Somewhat.

Sonics logo Oklahoma graffiti

Now, it seems that both sides will be playing their own version of 5-on-5…in court.

From Jerry Brewer at the SEATTLE TIMES:

The court contains a gavel instead of a basketball now. This is the most contentious relocation attempt since Art ModellPaul Thomas Anderson really should’ve based “There Will Be Blood” on this scrum. It’s as unpredictable and unhealthy as it gets. moved the old Cleveland Browns to Baltimore. Filmmaker

“I feel a lot of uncertainty,” Save Our Sonics co-founder Brian Robinson said. “I never really thought the NBA would let this go to trial. I don’t think the league thought the city would balk at a cash settlement. Now, everybody is in uncharted waters. I don’t know what to expect at this point.”

The popular conclusion is that the city is likely to win, but Robinson counters, “What does likely to win mean? Eighty percent? Well, that means there’s a one in five chance you lose.”

The case to keep the Sonics in Seattle will be heard in U.S. District Court.

It’s easy to say that the fans got screwed, that loyalty to their team was the only reason that they shelled out all that money for season tickets and authentic merchandise. But the truth has been out there for anyone paying attention: Teams don’t care about you. They can’t love you back.

The consolation for Seattle fans may be that they’ll be watching people in Oklahoma City falling into exactly the same trap. Eh, the games are better on TV anyway.