Seattle Beverage Company Selling Sweat Soda

SEATTLE SODA MAKER SELLING SPORTS CREAM AND SWEAT: Now the great taste of football sweat - in a cola!

Jones Soda Seahawks

BUSINESS WIRE reports that Jones Soda, the plucky little beverage maker that manage to beat out Coke & Pepsi for Seahawks Stadium concession rights, are honoring their hometown heroes with a new special edition pack.

The company that has brought you such classic flavors as Turkey & Gravy and Green Bean Casserole is now offering a neat little bottled bundle, featruing:

Jones Soda Seahawks Pack

• Sweet Victory Soda (ah, the taste)
• Dirt Soda (blech)
• Perspiration Soda (mmm, salty)
• Natural Field Turf Soda (with artificial flavors)
• Sports Cream Soda (don’t know, don’t want to know)

The pack will be sold in limited quantites at select stores and on the company’s web site. As Jones themselves say about the collection - “A complete taste of what it’s like to be in the NFL.”

We’ll drink to that! (Except the Dirt Soda. We’re on a soil-free diet.)