Blog-A-Roni: Searching For The Next Jennie Finch

• THE ANGRY T pitches their tent at the College Softball World Series, as they search for the next Jennie Finch.

Jennie Finch bikini

As if there could be any other.

• DEADSPIN takes a leap of faith with this old shirtless guy diving on a beer pong table.

• KISSING SUZY KOLBER hails to the Chief, as they believe in Brodie Croyle.

• PART MULE tries to work out how Tiger Woods could be named the fittest American.

• TRUE HOOP shoots up the story of how basketball helps keep soldiers sane in Iraq.

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC laces up for the NHL finals by showing some ladies giving some love to Lord Stanley’s Cup.

• EAST COAST BIAS explains why the Nats have look so unprepared this season - their stadium wasn’t finished in time.

• Minda of the LADIES… shares her saga of seeking out a Brian Bannister jersey.