Search for the Florida Panthers Ice Dancers Begins

We’ve already provided you with some in-depth coverage of the NBA’s Lakers and Knicks exhausting search to fill their dance team rosters, but we wouldn’t be doing our jobs if we failed to mention the efforts of the NHL’s Florida Panthers.

Florida Panthers Ice Dancers

This weekend, the search begins for the 2008-09 Florida Panthers Ice Dancers. According to the audition flyer found on the team’s Web site, the Panthers are looking for “talented, beautiful, charismatic and well-spoken ladies.” It sure will be tough to find beautiful girls in Miami.

Ladies, in case you’re wondering what you should wear to the tryouts the Panthers suggest the following attire:

- Sports bra or crop top (Top should show your stomach)
- Hot pants, shorts or swim suit bottoms with tights
- Dance sneakers or dance shoes.

No need to bring your skates though, “Ice Dancers” is just a clever name. Fortunately for everyone involved, you won’t be anywhere near the ice. Video of what ice dancing looks like without the ice is after the jump.

The talented, beautiful & charismatic ladies who win the judges over in this weekend’s preliminary round should know their way around the Sawgrass Mills Mall, because the final round is going down on August 9th, right around the Forever XXI store. Apparently the food court was booked.