Writer Who Broke Super Bowl Spying Out Of Work

The New York Giants didn’t beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. No, it was the BOSTON HERALD’s John Tomase and his February 2nd story about the Pats taping the Rams’ walkthrough before Super Bowl XXXVI that caused New England to fall short of a perfect season.

Boston Herald Sorry Pats

Eli Manning’s very un-Eli-like fourth quarter performance, David Tyree’s spectacular catch, and the Giants’ pass rush had nothing to do with the Pats waiting until SB XLII to lose a game. It was the ink on the page found under the byline that read “John Tomase” that caused Tom Brady, Randy Moss and crew to lose.

At least that’s what the Pats fans have been thinking since February. (PATS FANS.COM’s Official John ‘Borges’ Tomase Should Be Fired Thread” was born on February 6). Fuel was added to the fire this spring when former member of the Patriots’ video staff Matt Walsh handed over eight tapes, yet the Rams’ walkthrough was not one of them. According to PRO FOOTBALL TALK, it looks as though Patriots fans’ wish has come true.

PFT reports:

“It’s been days since John Tomase of the Boston Herald has written an article on the Patriots, and weeks since he’s posted a blurb on the newspaper’s online NFL blog.

Now, a reader has pointed out to us that a job covering the Patriots has been advertised at JournalismJobs.com.”

The ad includes the following requirements:

Candidates should have at least five years of experience covering professional sports in a competitive market and should have enough NFL contacts to be able to impactfully deliver local and national stories, produce a weekly NFL notebook and blog on the newspaper’s Web site.

The HERALD seems to have left out the most important requirement - “The savvy to know that the day before the Super Bowl is not a good time to write anything negative about the hometown team.”

As a wise man who calls himself “BradyManny2344″ on the PATSFANS.COM message board, once said:

I don’t care if he had 100% proof. You wait until after the Super Bowl. Have some friggin loyalty to the team and fan base. The two are the reason he gets paid to write.

If he had only shown a little loyalty, John might still have the friggin Patriots beat.