Sean Salisbury Promotes Nutrisystem

NutriSystem is apparently the new buzzword in male weight loss, thanks to Dan Marino and his formerly portly friends.

But according to one testimonial given by the ex-jocks/paid endorsers in the latest commercial spots, this stuff might be better than Viagra.

We had to rewind the new TV ad a couple of times because we were in disbelief over the claims they’re making. Marino was the first to throw himself out there, saying he dropped 22 pounds by eating the special small-helpings of carb-crazy foodstuff.

Now he’s got fatties like John Kruk (32 pounds), Mike Golic (51 pounds), Jim Stucky (60 pounds) and Scott Conover (100 pounds) making delicious pitches for how much they lost.

Please note the small graphic at the bottom that says: “Results not typical.”

Then comes Sean Salisbury, the beleaguered ESPN analyst who says he’s dropped 35 pounds – and remembering how he looked in “The Benchwarmers,” he truly has shed a few kilos.

But the kicker to the ad is when Salisbury adds: “Hey, with NutriSystem, chicks dig me.”

Considering how Salisbury’s name has been dragged around the Internet in the last few weeks and even this past weekend, he might end up eating his words.