Sean Avery Greets Caps Goalie with Punch to Face

Some things in sports never change - like Sean Avery’s penchant for taking swings at opposing goalies. Earlier this month, the naughty New York Ranger was caught clocking Boston Bruins netminder Tim Thomas in the back of the head with his stick.

Sean Avery punches Caps goalie Simeon Varlamov

And now with the NHL playoffs in full force, you might think Avery might soften his act a bit, so as not to distract from his team’s goal of Stanley Cup glory. And you would be very wrong. (Video after the jump.)

BARENUCKS.COM slaps up some video of Avery’s most recent assault on the goaltending profession. Late in the game of Monday night’s 4-0 loss to the Capitals, Sean started sharing some sour words with Washington goalie Simeon Varlamov. But before Avery eventually left the scene, he landed a quick haymaker into Simeon’s mask:

Very similar to the Tim Thomas attack, Avery takes a shot at Varlamov’s head, then skates away all innocent-like, as if it the contact was completely coincidental. But the refs weren’t entirely fooled, as Sean was sent off with a game misconduct.

Now word yet if the NHL is going to do anything about Sean’s latest escapades. If it doesn’t involve Elisha Cuthbert, then there’s no real reason to care, is there?

But if Avery thinks his antics can vex Varlamov, Sean doesn’t know Simeon. As the goalie says in a Russian sports interview picked up by the WASHINGTON POST:

[Avery] is that kind of player, it’s his job to throw opponents off their game and he does it pretty well, as I see it. He does it very professionally and I think he is a good player. But tonight there were a couple of instances when he was really trying to get me off balance. He hit me in the face once. But I know that I shouldn’t pay attention to this and concentrate on the game.

And another reason why Avery’s verbal abuse probably won’t work, as pointed out by a TSN commentator:

“I can guarantee Varlamov doesn’t have a clue what [Avery’s] saying because he doesn’t speak English.”

If Avery ends up avoiding any fines from the NHL, maybe he can use some of that unspent money to buy a Russian-English dictionary - so that the next time they meet, Sean will know how to swear at Simeon properly in his native tongue.