Sean Avery Discovers The Joy Of Sloppy Seconds

New York Ranger Sean Avery is generally known for being an annoying bastard, both on and off the ice. Whether he’s punching goalies in the head, going off on the opposing team’s fans, or talking about former girlfriends, Avery always seems to be in the middle of some controversy. You probably remember when Avery was suspended by the NHL last year for referring to ex-girlfriend and current flame of the Calgary Flames Dion Phaneuf, Elisha Cuthbert, as his “sloppy seconds”.

Sean Avery Hilary Rhoda

Well, as time passes and people grow, they can change.  Looking at somebody with Avery’s history it’s somewhat hard to believe he’s capable of changing, but he is.  Where as he used to be clearly opposed to the idea of sloppy seconds, now it seems he’s warming up to them. Though New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez isn’t likely to be thrilled by this news.


HILARY Rhoda isn’t just a football fan — she’s also a hockey fan. Having dated new Jet QB Marc Sanchez (after posing with him in GQ and helping him celebrate his $50 million contract), the curvy brunette looked very cozy with Ranger Sean Avery last night at Brother Jimmy’s in Murray Hill. “They were doing shots of Jack Daniels and Patron, and she had her hands on his arm as they canoodled at the corner of the bar,” said our spy. “Sanchez was nowhere to be found.”

Hilary Rhoda

As I’m sure you recall, Sanchez and Rhoda started dating last month after they did a GQ shoot together, and it was quite a coup for the rookie quarterback. I mean, the kid still hasn’t thrown a pass in an NFL preseason game and he was already landing himself some high-quality company.

Hilary Rhoda

Of course if I’m Sanchez, I might want to keep my cool about this and not go to the media with any “sloppy seconds” type remarks. I mean, if Gary Bettman would suspend Avery for saying something like that, Roger Goodell might just have Sanchez shot or sent to prison. You know, the Plaxico treatment.