College Mascot Has A Lot Of Balls - 2 To Be Exact

Mascots can act like such pricks. Sometimes, they really ARE pricks.

Oregon Ducks Houston Cougars mascots fight

Move over Phillie Phanatic, because America has a new favorite costumed kook. MEDIA BISTRO’S UNBEIGE uncovers the pride & joy of the Rhode Island School of Design: Scrotie!

You’re probably asking - Whaaaaaaaa? Well, the nickname for the RISD’s hockey squad is the Nads. So, what better symbol to lead the fans’ mighty cheer of “Go, Nads!

But is Scrotie the unmentionable mascot you think he is? Click onward, if you dare (NSFW):

Scrotie penis mascot

A true sight to behold, isn’t he?

When he’s not on the rink freezing his…legs off, Scrotie can also feel at home on the hardwood, since the school’s basketball team goes by the Balls.

Nads? Balls? Are these guys nuts?

Pam Anderson Vancouver Canucks Orca Whale Mascot

Imagine if Pam Anderson was spotted tonguing Scrotie instead of some ol’ whale. Nads fans wouldn’t be able to sit down - for a week.