Scottish Soccer Fans Want To Get Pished

The GUARDIAN discusses the stance of John Boyle, the chairman of a Scottish Premier League team, who advocates allowing fans to be able to get drunk once again while watching games.

(Getting these guys tanked: Good idea or best idea?)

“Yet people must think twice before heeding Boyle’s pleas. This is, in the most blatant case, an example of something which ain’t broke, and doesn’t require fixing. It is 28 years since drinking on the terraces of Scottish grounds was prohibited, a full-scale riot at an Old Firm Scottish Cup final sufficient to trigger the introduction of the Criminal Justice Act and prohibit punters from indulging in beer rather than Bovril.

It is an intriguing debate over just how much we have moved on since 1980.

Certainly, there is nothing like the level of violence within or in the vicinity of stadia that there was back then, but regular moments of alcohol-free lunacy (or, at least, moments where alcohol is not being taken at the time) remain. And it is far from simply an Old Firm problem; earlier this month, supporters of Aberdeen and Dundee United entered into some kind of impromptu competition to see who could throw the most objects onto the Tynecastle pitch during their CIS Cup semi-final.”

Sounds fascinating.

My stance on intoxication in almost any form or setting is typically “yes”. And all I know about drinking in Scotland, I learned from reading Irvine Welsh novels. But they don’t get drunk, they get “steamboat” or “rat-arsed.” Always such carefree innocent romps, right?

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