Blogz: Scott Van Pelt Wishes Will Leitch The Best

• DEADSPIN rolls tape, as outgoing head honcho Will Leitch gets a very special goodbye message from the one & only Scott Van Pelt.

Will Leitch Scott Van Pelt

• BRAHSOME shows the Knicks fans’ response to their team drafting Danilo Gallinari - laughter, then booing, then chants of “U-S-A!

• Tom Fornelli of AOL FANHOUSE hurls up video of just-ejected White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper throwing something in disgust - and he ends up pulling his hamstring.

• WITH LEATHER huddles up to share news of some English rugby players getting in a scrum with an 18-year-old stripper.

• First Calvin Schmidtke, then Xavier Hicks, now EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY welcomes another Washington State Cougar to the Pullman police blotter: linebacker Andy Mattingly.

• RIGHTFIELDERS checks out The View of Jessica Simpson reaffirming her love for Tony Romo, but luckily for Cowboys fans, she doesn’t hear wedding bells just yet.

• 100% INJURY RATE is high on the Bakersfield Blaze’s minor league logo.

• PACMAN JONESIN’ won’t acknowledge Adam’s decision to drop the nickname.