Scott Van Pelt Blasts Internet Poster For Maryland Criticism

• DC SPORTS BOG knows well enough not to bad mouth Maryland football when Scott Van Pelt is lurking about:

Scott Van Pelt Football Charlie Brown Lucy

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS hears from the grapevine that sideline sensation Erin Andrews and Bagders big man Bret Bielema are *not* an item.

• INSIDE THE IGGLES has a write-up on the highlights and lowlights in the limelight of Donovan McNabb.

• HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS sees how things are shaking up in the Phillies broadcast booth:

Phillies broadcast maracas

• With great fanfare, WONDERDAY shares the exciting news of the drastically new uniforms of the Montreal Canadiens.

• The Quad Cities minor league baseball team wants to know which way you Swing in helping them pick a new name.