Spiezio Sought By Police For Speeding & Spewing

Scott Spiezio couldn’t hold his liquor - or anything else down - during a wild night last December. And now the Cardinals player will soon be held behind bars.

Scott Spiezio big arm tattoo

MLB.com reports that a $10,000 warrant has been issued by the Orange County (CA) D.A.’s office for the arrest of Spiezio. He faces charges of drunk driving & assault - all because someone didn’t appreciate Spiezio spewing all over his apartment.

In the early hours of December 30, after consuming “several vodka drinks”, Spiezio tried to drive home from a Newport Beach bar:

Spiezio is accused of speeding, cutting across several lanes, crossing through the oncoming traffic lanes, driving over a curb, and crashing into a fence. The crash knocked down a fence pole and blew out the front two tires of the car. Spiezio is accused of getting out of the car and fleeing the scene on foot.”

Then the real fun started when he showed up at a friend’s condo:

While his friend attempted to clean up the defendant, Spiezio is accused of vomiting in his friend’s room. When the friend made a comment about the vomit, Spiezio is accused of becoming angry and attacking his friend, punching him repeatedly and throwing him against a wall.”

Well, you know how sensitive these pro athletes are about their puke.

For his intoxicated joyride & vomit-related violence, Spiezio could face up to two years in prison if convicted. Tony La Russa must be greatly embarrassed.

Tony La Russa drunk towel

Then again, maybe not.

*UPDATE*: The Cards have given Spiezio the heave-ho.