Scott Linehan Fired; Haslett Takes Over Disaster

Your nightmare is finally over, St. Louis. Well, your team still sucks, but now there’s an excuse since they’ll have an “interim” coach for the rest of the year and we all know that makes being terrible OK. Scott Linehan is out after an 0-4 start in which the team was outscored by more than 25 points a game. He should make a fine coach in the Sun Belt Conference.

Scott Linehan and Georgia Frontiere

“You have to come over soon. I’ll make a casserole and we can watch Lawrence Welk.”

Why wasn’t Linehan axed earlier, considering the team seems to hit a new low each week? Apparently, the owners’ mom thought he was such a nice boy and didn’t want to see him go. Yes, owners Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez gave Linehan a third season to begin with because their predecessor and mother, Georgia Frontiere, liked him and wanted him there. So there you have it, Rams fans. Your team makes its decisions based on the whims of a now-deceased 80-year-old woman.

The ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH’s Bernie Miklasz taps into the familial guilt:

That wasn’t a simple call to make. An argument was made to keep Linehan in place, in part because Rosenbloom and Rodriguez wondered if their late mother, former Rams owner Georgia Frontiere, would have approved of firing Linehan. Before her death, Frontiere asked that Linehan be given a third season as head coach.

This “mom wants us to keep him around” argument was countered by “logic,” and since mom’s not around anymore the latter won out:

The move to oust Linehan appears to reflect the sentiment of most fans. For example, in an online poll conducted Sunday night after a 31-14 loss to Buffalo, more than 4,400 readers responded. Ninety-two percent of them said Linehan should be fired.

It’s not inconceivable, of course, that an 80-year-old woman could run a successful franchise, as this one seems to be doing OK:

Jerry Jones

The biggest loser in all of this, of course, is Marc Bulger fantasy owners, who will surely be baited into starting him again after he’s reinstated as the starting quarterback. “But he used to up such big numbers! He’s got Torry Holt! It’s gonna happen this week! He was my fourth-round pick, I gotta go with him!”

Jim Haslett, who the Saints blamed for Hurricane Katrina, gets to inherit this mess for the rest of the season. Hopefully, he’ll get his players some steroids.

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