Scott Boras Pitches 9 Game World Series

BORAS PITCHES 9-GAME WORLD SERIES EXTENTION TO BUD: As World Series ratings continues to slide, uber-agent Scott Boras has a brilliant idea to turn things around - by stretching the Fall Classic out to 9 games:

Scott Boras 9

BUFFALO BASEBALL BLOG catches wind Boras’ babble that Bud Selig is apparently listening to. The plan includes having one of the games in a netural warm-weather site, similar to what the NFL usually does for the Super Bowl.

Tropicana Field

We’re sure players & fans alike would be thrilled to re-route their travel plans to the lovely confines of Tropicana Field for one day, and then head straight back to the Bronx or Boston or wherever.

Capone Black Sox

But what Boras doesn’t realize is that his proposed format has been tried before. The first World Series, held in 1903, was a best-of-9. And it was tried again in 1919 - the same year Prohibition started. And we know how well *that* idea turned out.

And what came out of the 1919 series? None other than the Black Sox Scandal.