Scot Pollard Rubs Cheryl Miller The Wrong Way

If you’re not watching NBA TV, you should probably…well, you should probably continue not watching it, and just wait for the YouTube clips of the good stuff. And this is definitely good stuff.

Cheryl Miller and Scot Pollard

Cheryl Miller took offense to co-analyst Scot Pollard missing the pregame and halftime shows due to “mechanical problems” with his flight. When he shows up for the postgame show, and blames the mechanical problems on the weight of his championship ribg, well, Miller pretty much loses her s**t on live TV. See video of why TNT might have found its designated crazy replacement if Barkley relapses, after the jump.

Pollard begins by bragging about his championship, which he TOTALLY EARNED as part of the “big four” on last year’s Celtics team. Then he moves on to his manicure in Cabo. But when Miller finds out that Pollard’s flight was scheduled the day of the broadcast, while she had to fly in two days prior, she is, shall we say, not cool with that. Watch the carnage:

(Clip courtesy NESW SPORTS)

Pollard doesn’t do himself any favors by trying to compare his 16.5 mpg to Miller, a hall of famer. And while a game of 1-on-1 would be a treat to NBA TV’s tens of viewers, Pollard’s vaguely sexist challenge makes for a painfully awkward studio show moment.

But, OK, Pollard was late, and he’s kind of an ass about it. But Miller’s reaction isn’t proportional; clearly there’s something else at play here. Our crack SbB research staff dug up Scot Pollard’s 2005 roast of Reggie Miller. Maybe Cheryl’s still bitter about Pollard’s cracks at her baby bro?

“How are the Pacers doing without Reggie Miller? Great! It’s wonderful! Thank God he’s gone,” opines Pollard, before showing us Reggie’s bag filled with Metamucil, Geritol, Ben-Gay and an unopened bottle of weight gain powder.

So was this whole thing a gag, or a ratings grab? With that level of awkwardness, I doubt it. It’s a shame that Cheryl Miller won’t be back with NBA TV next year, but this isn’t the last we’ve heard of these two.