Score One For The Swoosh: Marcus Jordan In Nike

A couple weeks ago, we brought you news that Marcus Jordan, son of Michael Jordan, was refusing to comply with the school’s adidas shoe deal, insisting instead on wearing Nike on account of his father’s inextricable history with the brand. The story was that UCF had granted him permission to wear Nikes in exchange for signing with the school, up until some executives at adidas balked at the deal afterward.

Marcus Jordan Exclusive Air Jordans
(Will Marcus be stepping out in his Air Jordan exclusives?)

Well, score one for the plucky underdogs at Nike; Phil Knight and his rag-tag gang of misfits have finally gotten their big break. As the SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL’s Twitter feed reported, young Marcus is in his Nikes tonight. WHEW. Thought they’d never get their way.

From BAY NEWS 9:

A source tells BHSN’s David Baumann that despite the school’s deal with Adidas, Jordan will wear Nike’s Air Jordan shoes in Wednesday night’s exhibition game against Saint Leo.

Jordan did wear the Air Jordan sneakers in the team’s scrimmage on Sunday.

Always a good sign when an incoming freshman starts making his own rules for his involvement with the team, right? This can’t end badly!