Scioscia Before Game 4: “I’ll Guarantee a Victory”

Doug Padilla of the LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS finds a rather single-minded Mike Scioscia before today’s Game 4 of the Angels-Red Sox ALDS.

Mike Scioscia guarantees victory over Red Sox

(I’ll go out on a limb too and guess 6 dogs for Scioscia in the postgame spread)

Despite the Angels being on the brink since a two-game debacle in Anaheim (sorry Arte), Scioscia has refused to have his team compared to the sad sack Cubs, who were thrown down the stairs in Three by the Dodgers. He’s convinced the team will force a Game 5. (My Boy Barry has your Angels Dodgers playoffs tickets - at a discount - code SbB010.)

Scioscia to reporters before the game: “I’ll guarantee a victory. I’m not going to sit here and compare. The question yesterday was comparing us to what happened to the Cubs. The Cubs were eliminated. We’re not eliminated. That’s my position on that.”

OK, I threw in the Cubs part just to soften the blow if the Halos lose tonight at Fenway.

Scioscia is a good manager and even better talent evaluator. The latter is most responsible for why the Angels were primed before the playoffs. Many seem to think this could be his best team ever, so losing to Boston, sans the up-county Dodgers’ Manny, is not an option.

Make that “not the plan.” You know what I mean.

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