Schlereth: JaMarcus Needs ‘3-Alligator Count’ Rule

Mark Schlereth tweet on JaMarcus Russell

OK, technically this is what’s known as piling on, and I’m going to have to throw the flag. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t laugh out loud when I saw it. By the way, they’re also considering the two-hand touch rule for defenders rushing Tom Brady, I hear.

Witty tweets by ESPN commentator Mark Schlereth aside, Russell actually didn’t play that badly against the Giants on Sunday, I mean relatively speaking. The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE takes a look, and lays most of the blame where it belongs: With the Raiders offensive line, Tom Cable and Al Davis.

OK, you have to reach the red Chevy for a first down. Losers walk. And any pass that hits the telephone line is a do-over.