Schilling Receives One Million For One Cy Young Vote In 2008 Contract

SCHILLING WILL GET $1M FOR ONE 2008 CY YOUNG VOTE: Peter Abraham of the WESTCHESTER JOURNAL-NEWS is a voter for the American League Cy Young award, and he is “troubled” by an incentive in Curt Schilling’s new, one-year deal with the Red Sox:

Curt Schilling Cy Young Vote

As part of the contract’s incentives, Schilling will receive 750,000 Baconators $1M if he receives one vote for the Cy Young award. One.Abraham: “Your one vote gets him $1 million. What is keeping some writer from saying, ‘Hey, Curt, I’ll vote for you. I want $500,000.’

It’s wholly unethical. But every business has unethical people. $500,000 is serious coin for a reporter. People have gambling problems, drug problems, etc. What’s keeping Schilling from agreeing to the deal? He’s gets $500,000 he wasn’t counting on.

Curt Schilling

There are also two baseball writers in Boston who have a Cy Young vote. Wikipedia lists Steve Buckley of the BOSTON HERALD and Gordon Edes of the BOSTON GLOBE as BBWAA members. And we’re assuming Boston’s Peter Gammons has a vote as well. What’s the odds Schilling already that Trio in his Treo?