Schilling Keeps His Shillings Close And Bacon Closer

CURT SCHILLING KEEPS SHILLINGS CLOSE, BACON CLOSER: FORBES reports that our favorite purveyor of Wendy’s late-night menu, Curt Schilling, isn’t afraid to strike out at his agents when he thinks they aren’t doing the job.

Curt Schilling

Schilling sh–canned reps Jeff Borris and Dennis Gilbert four years ago because they tried to claim the standard agent cut (5%) after the pitcher himself negotiated a 3-year, $32M deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

When Schilling didn’t deliver the typical fee to Borris and Gilbert after the contract was consumated, Borris called Schilling and asked where the rest of his money was.

Curt Schilling

Schilling: “This had better be a joke, and if it’s not a joke, I’m firing you.

Forbes: “Borris was not joking, and Schilling fired him. The disagreement went to arbitration, and Schilling said then-D’Backs Managing General Partner Jerry Colangelo ‘basically admitted he and I negotiated the contract.’ Borris said that Schilling’s account ‘is not accurate, but he declined to elaborate further’.

Schilling has since negotiated a two-year deal with the Red Sox worth $27.5M. The contract also includes a $2M bonus if the team wins the World Series - upon which another season at $13M would kick in for the rapidly-waist- expanding hurler.

Forbes though notes: “MLB prohibits a player bonus based on team success, but the league ‘approved it nonetheless.‘”

I Heart Bacon

So Schilling gets $15M if the Sox win the Series? Cool, then he can afford a hostile takeover of his favorite website.