Schilling Blogs About Retirement, Sox’s Chances

Curt Schilling is as a controversial figure as there comes in baseball (non-steroid related, anyway). Perhaps its because perceived by some as being a “big bag of gaseous air”. But he’s won in his career, so he at least deserves the right to tap a little.


As long as he’s playing anyway, which might not be that much longer. GAME ON! picks up on the sickner buzz out of 38Pitches that Mr. Ketchup Sock might be hanging up his helium inflater for good.

Schilling spends the first part of his post waxing historical about Josh Beckett, stating that once it becomes October, he’d rather have Beckett than anyone in the history of baseball not named Bob Gibson. Mmmkay. The point of that was to say that the Red Sox, he thinks, are going to win the World Series.

Then the post, which was already quasi-apologetic in tone (towards the Sox), turns a little sad as Schilling begins to discuss his future and the impending possibility of retirement.

My first thoughts a few weeks ago were that maybe I’d work to get healthy and shoot to try and make the WBC team, but I just don’t think that’s in the cards. Next I started thinking about the original plan of pitching the 2nd half of next season. Thing is, that urgency just is not there. I miss some things I didn’t think I would, and don’t miss many things I expected too.

As I stated yesterday the pendulum is swinging very heavily in the direction of it just being over. I’ve never sat around and not gotten ready to head to Florida, well not in 23 or so years anyway, so to me that will likely be the last real test for me and whether or not I want to put the time and effort into getting after it one more time.

Actually, I’m really interested in Schilling’s retirement, only because I’m curious to see how much attention we continue to give him when he’s out of baseball. Although, much like our good friend Brett Favre, I could see Schill somehow needing attention and doing something silly like a radio show or multiple un-retirements.

As to the former, the attention would be plenty if he comes out and drops a bunch of insider info (like what sort of candy Terry Francona provides before games, or possibly Johnny Damon’s beard treatment), but Schill doesn’t seem like that type of guy.

And I’m not touching the Hall of Fame debate just because, based on what the qualifications - grit, hustle, presence on the big stage and chattiness with reporters as opposed to stats - Curt’s a mortal lock for the first ballot.