Scenes From My Seat Right Behind Manny Ramirez

I was in the left field bleachers last night for Manny’s first return to Dodger Stadium since his steroid suspension, and you can read my real-time account of the evening on my Twitter page. (Plus, there’s some bonus piccies in there.)

Dodger Hottie

(What happens when photographer pregames with 5 fingers of Ancient Age)

When Manny first entered the field, he was met with an enthusiastic response from the cheap seats, but his reception in the box seat area was somewhat lukewarm.

Manny Ramirez at Dodger Stadium

(My dreads-eye view provided by my friends at

And I even heard a smattering of boos.

Manny Wood Fans

(To our LAPD friends: Does this constitute a parole violation?)

Manny Ramirez fan

(How do I look? No, really?)

I was just a few feet from Manny the entire night, and not once did he turn to engage the crowd. A little strange considering the circumstances, and the obvious enthusiasm of the fans.

Dodger Stadium Empty Seats For Manny's Return

We all know what a crap sports town Los Angeles is, but I was actually a little surprised to see so many empties last night at the Stadium for Ramirez’s return.

SbB Girl Denise With Manny Fans

(SbB Girl Denise at her first-ever Dodger Game)

So what was the biggest cheer of the night?

When Juan Pierre pinch-hit. No lie.

Dodger Stadium Empty Seats For Manny's Return

Anyway, there’s lots more here to sift through here if you so choose.