Scalpers Making a Killing For Final Yankees Games

With the Yankees about as likely to make the playoffs as I am to have a night alone with Alexis Bledel - has their playoff odds at 0.9%, so there’s technically still a chance - there’s not going to be a drama-filled Joe Buck-announced closing to Yankees Stadium before the team packs up and moves across the street. In fact, unless the Yankees pull off a miracle, there are only 9 games left in the House That Ruth Built.

Scalper needs tickets

And since scalpers, the soulless incarnation of our purely capitalist society, are not ones to miss an opportunity, you know tickets are going to be pricey. But who would have thought that tickets are actually going for “100 times their face value!”


Angela Montefinise noted ticket prices for the last 11 games at Yankee Stadium are “soaring,” as fans are “shelling out up to 100 times face value … with some brokers looking for $10,000 apiece.” Bleacher seats at the ballpark, which normally sell for $14, are “being sold for about $100 for weekday games and about $150 for weekends,” while other seats range from $200-1,000.

A quick search on StubHub for the actual final game in the stadium against the Orioles on September 21st shows that the cheapest you can get tickets for is $200. And those are for bleacher seats, where you can’t even drink alcohol!

There’s something fitting about the Rays finally putting it together in the season the Yankees shut down their historic stadium, but there’s something even more fitting about Yankees fans having to pay out of the nose for a meaningless series against an awful team at the end of their worst season in years.