SbB’s Fresh New Look! (Wot, You Can Do Better?)

I’m looking to spruce up the overall look of SbB, and here’s an early return:

SbB's Fresh New Look

(Yes, despite my best efforts, we are hiring a graphic designer - see below)

I wasn’t planning to do anything new with our logo - that is until I recently patronized the disco at the Newark Airport Ramada Inn. (A stirring rendering of the essence of SbB, no?)

Wot, you can do better?

OK, if you’re a graphic designer with legitimate experience - including live examples of your work on the web - email us at with your resume. We will be bringing someone on to assist us in a website redesign in the coming weeks. It will be a paid position.

And if you’re lucky, you just might get to join me in canvassing the finest nightclubs Best Western has to offer - in a quest for additional inspiration. Or maybe not.

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