SbB’s Current Top 10 Sports Media Market Movers

Behold the rarest of sports media species: People who affect change of the sport(s) they report on:

SbB's Top 10 Sports Media Market Movers

1) Mike Florio: NFL, Well-connected, hardest working man in most popular pro sport. Wait ’til NBC-Comcast sports channel hits.

2) Jay Glazer: NFL, If he was on the beat year-round, would be #1. More connected - and respected - than any reporter in any sport.

3) Buster Olney: MLB, Impeccable journalist with underrated wit. ESPN’s best reporter.

4) Peter King: NFL, Has great information, unparalleled work ethic and keeps his content fun and relatable to readers.

5) Adam Schefter: NFL, See Olney for professionalism. Overexposure by ESPN does him a disservice. Being on every day during the season forces him to manufacture stories that sometimes aren’t there. Also a little too agenda-driven (front office-friendly) with his analysis. Wish ESPN would allow him to pick his spots.

6) Adrian Wojnarowski: NBA, Yahoo Sports: Well-connected and the best writer among SbB Sports Media Market Movers.

7) Marc Stein: NBA, Best-connected NBA reporter. Refreshingly understated personality. Knows the story is more important than his face time. Underutilized by ESPN. Could you imagine an NBA show with Tim Legler, the underrated Jalen Rose and Stein?

8) Ken Rosenthal: MLB, Seasoned pro getting much-deserved exposure on Fox television broadcasts. Sometimes can get a bit out over his skis, but a compelling read. Reminds me of Peter Gammons in his prime.

9) Andy Staples, Stewart Mandel: College Football, Agenda-free journos that keep you ahead of the game, including recruiting.

10) Jeff Goodman: College Hoops, Quietly has carved out spot as best college hoops writer in the biz. Spices up his coverage with strong opinions. Absolute must-read for college hoops junkie. Great personality on TV and radio hits.

On the list: Tim Dierkes, Jim Rome, Kirk Herbstreit, Jon Heyman, Bob Ley, Chris Mortensen, Pete Thamel, Mike Silver, Jason Cole, Mike DeCourcey

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