SbB@3: It’s Time To Introduce The Vecsey Award

In a tradition as old as this post itself, it’s time to hand out another prestigious Vecsey Award. The Vecsey, named after NEW YORK POST columnist and noted shmendrik Peter Vecsey, is bestowed upon those who have managed to offend the senses in astounding and complete fashion with the written word.

Vecsey Award

We’re not referring to bad writers, necessarily — a Vecsey winner could actually be very talented. But when he or she makes a monumentally bad judgment in subject matter or execution, we will be there, with this award in hand. Well, on with the show. Today’s winner is …

Karl Raymond, SUN PRAIRIE STAR, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.

By all accounts, Karl Raymond is a nice guy and a hard worker. But what was he thinking this past Sept. 11 when he came up with this lead for his report on Sun Prairie High’s football game with Madison Memorial?

The nightmare of 9/11 will live forever in our minds and memories.

Fast forward eight years later and last Friday, Sept. 11 is a night the Sun Prairie High School football team, coaching staff and Cardinal fans hope can soon be forgotten. Dealt a 22-0 halftime deficit by Madison Memorial in a Big Eight Conference football game at Ashley Field, the Cardinals made an inspiring comeback in the second half but never fully recovered, falling to the Spartans, 22-14.

If you’re expecting some sort of feature on a player whose parent died in New York on 9-11-01 or something like that … nope. The rest is just like this. The nightmare of 9-11 will live on in our memories forever, just like this lead.

Excerpts from the STAR message board:

I can’t even imagine what the Packer stories would look like. Is the conclusion of mini-camp regaled with comparisons to the signing of the treaty of Versailles? — Chris in Scottsdale.

9/11 < Sun Prarie. — Edwin

Really? Did you just compare a football game to 9/11? Really?! — You’re Kidding Me

Of course nothing tops this, our first Vecsey winner, which was voted in unanimously by the veterans committee.