SbB Week In Review: Babes, Babies & Bachelors

• An ex-Dallas Cowboys cheerleader hopes to lasso herself up a Bachelor.

Melissa Rycroft

• SI swimsuit model & NASCAR wife Niki Taylor is about to add a brand new member to her little pit crew.

• Get to know Giulia Siegel, former soccer WAG & current Playboy poser.

Eddy Curry denies trying to curry favor with his chauffeur through gay sex offers, anti-Semitic slurs, and semen-encrusted towels.

Fergie huddles up at the altar with a former North Dakota college QB.

• Advice from D.C.-area athletes: Avoid brown liquors & big girls.

• Could the NHL bring its outdoor game to the Vegas Strip or Rose Bowl?

Pete Carroll is not so pleased with USC QB Mark Sanchez going pro.

• And the winner of today’s pointed Ana Ivanovic caption contest is…

Ana Ivanovic point

Mr. Touchdown, with this astute observation: If you put an “i” right here, then it spells urine.

Thanks to everyone for their contributions. Have a good weekend!