SbB Sharing Our Final Four Fun With Fox Sports

Don’t forget - live blogging of the insanity from San Antonio tonight!

• SbB is sharing our Final Four fun with the fine folks at Fox Sports.

Alamodome no beer sales

Michael Vick finds time while doing time to play some football.

Victoria Pendleton isn’t scared of bringing some sex appeal to cycling.

• The Yankees and Blue Jays apparently showed some good sportsmanship at the local strip club.

• The White Sox’s A.J. Pierzynski has honed his early-season hitting prowess through the power of video games.

Alona Bondarenko shows once again how K-Swiss puts their best foot forward by featuring blonde Russian tennis babes.

• The Knicks will be providing free food at their home finale. Too bad the team’s play usually makes fans sick to their stomach.

• The recent Olympic torch relay through Paris got a little heated.

Kobe Bryant takes a timeout to say hello to Barry Bonds.

• Why does Stanford keep ruining our enjoyment of the women’s tourney?

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