SbB Recounts SoCal\’s Ultimate Sports Saturday

SPORTSbyBROOKS was boots on the ground for the ultimate sports Saturday in Los Angeles. I (with SbB Girl Anyssa) was front and center for UCLA’s upset over USC at the Rose Bowl on Saturday afternoon:

Anyssa At UCLA-USC Game

Highlight of the much-chronicled day was the first *traffic report* from a UCLA fan to the KLAC-AM’s “Postgame Bruin Talk” show: “There’s a dead white horse on the 110 Freeway South, somebody needs to come clean up the mess.

USC Traveler Horse

We then adjourned to Staples Center to watch the Lakers summarily sink the Clippers:

Anyssa at Lakers-Clippers Game At Staples Center

While the UCLA-USC tilt was a more momentous occasion than the Lakers-Clips coupling, I still found the latter rather intriguing.

First off, Anyssa was quick to make friends in the concourse:

Anyssa With Clippers Spirit

Secondly, courtside-seated Larry King provided plenty of game night entertainment with his celebrity impersonation of Al Davis:

Larry King Al Davis

And then there’s Clippers Owner Donald Sterling, who was also seated courtside. Apparently Donald T. is a little short in the friends department these days:

Donald Sterling Empty Seats

Guess he’ll have to pull out his wallet (again).

It was a Clippers home game, so the usual late ’80s-style game night entertainment prevailed. Maybe it was because hours earlier we had attended one of the biggest games in the history of SoCal college football, but there was a decided lack of electricity at Staples for yet another Clipper collapse.

Matt “Money” Smith of KLAC-AM summed up the atmosphere best after the game when he said, “remember the big parties in high school, that all the athletes and cool kids would go to? And then there’s that other party, the one that everyone forgets about? That’s what a Clipper home game feels like.