Guest List: Cuban, Simmons, King, Glazer … SbB?

The sports business industry’s magazine of record, SPORTSBUSINESS JOURNAL, has a feature today on must-visit sports websites, and I’m happy to report that SbB is prominently featured:

SportsBusiness Journal's Must-Read Sports Destinations

The piece is preceded with this description: “We have our own must-read sports destinations on the Web, and we asked others for their list of hot reads.

A host of writers and websites are noted, including, Bill Simmons, Peter King, Jay Glazer, Mark Cuban and Buster Olney, among others.

So just how in holy hell did we end up invited to that party?

Our great writers, of course: Tuffy, Matt, The Duke, Scott, Sean, Adam, Barry and Tom.

That’s eight(!) regular contributors, along with Managing Editor Jason Kaifesh, who is really the glue that keeps the operation together while I’m off on another bender..

There’s no doubt the writing on the site has never been better and it isn’t a coincidence that our traffic is at an all-time high.

And I now see comments starting to really ramp up too.  (Feel free to jump on the comments threads, everyone is welcome.)

Thanks to everyone for their support. If you have any suggestions on how to make the site better (I already thought of firing me, sorry), let me know.