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4:00 PM: From The Onion: "NFL To Crack Down On Players For Excessive Thanksgiving Celebrations"

3:45 PM: Caroline Wozniacki & Venus Williams are among those scheduled to play in the ASB Classic in Auckland, New Zealand in January.

3:30 PM: Sunday's game against the New York Giants will mark the Jacksonville Jaguars' 40th straight time as the betting underdog.

3:15 PM: Indiana Pacers player Paul George has settled a paternity lawsuit with a New York woman who claimed George is the father of her seven-month-old daughter.

3:00 PM: A 28-year-old man was arrested near Grand Junction, Colorado on Saturday for pointing a banana at two sheriff's deputies. Police say the man claimed the banana incident was a "joke to lighten the holiday spirit".

2:45 PM: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told NFL Network on Wednesday that he is a "fan" and "big admirer" of Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, who has been benched in favor of Colt McCoy for Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts.

2:30 PM: Texas Rangers prospect Ronald Guzman was involved in a fatal car accident when the SUV he was driving struck & killed a motorcyclist in the Dominican Republic Tuesday morning.

2:15 PM: Police say a Rutgers student who was hiking in New Jersey's Apshawa Preserve in September had taken five photos of a black bear before the bear mauled and killed him.

2:00 PM: David Jones of the Patriot-News reports that Penn State has contacted Michigan State about possibly getting rid of the Land Grant Trophy the two football teams play for at the end of the season.

1:45 PM: Clemson & South Carolina announced on Wednesday that their annual football game will now be officially known as "The Palmetto Bowl".

1:30 PM: The Chicago Tribune reports construction work on the bleachers at Wrigley Field may not be finished in time for the Cubs' April 5 season opener against the St. Louis Cardinals.

1:15 PM: Cincinnati Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still released a statement in response to a report that he hasn't paid child support to the mother of his four-year-old daughter Leah.

1:00 PM: Friday marks the 72nd anniversary of the Cocoanut Grove fire in which 492 people died at the Boston restaurant. The Boston College football team was to attend a party at the restaurant, but canceled it after losing to Holy Cross earlier that day.

12:45 PM: Maryland Jockey Club president & CEO Tom Chuckas has resigned from his position. Chuckas had been calling for the dates of the Triple Crown horse races to be spread farther apart to give horses a better chance at winning the Triple Crown.

12:30 PM: An 11-year-old boy & a landowner in Oneida, Wisconsin who both claimed to have shot the same deer flipped a coin to decide who got to keep the animal. The boy called heads & the coin landed on tails.

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