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8:05 PM: A 20-year-old suspect was arrested Thursday over the shooting death of Vacaville (CA) High School football player Demetrious Ward earlier this month.

8:00 PM: On her return from the WTA Finals in Singapore, Romanian tennis player Simona Halep received a brand new Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Coupe from a dealership in Bucharest.

7:45 PM: Former Iowa State football coach Clay Stapleton died Thursday morning at the age of 93. Stapleton had coached the 1959 "Dirty 30" team that finished with a 7-3 record despite having only 30 healthy players, and was the last Cyclones coach to beat Oklahoma in Ames in 1960.

7:30 PM: The Wilson Post reports that Lebanon, Tennessee youth football coach Jerod McFarland was arrested on drug & weapons charges last month, but was allowed to continue coaching. The Post adds that none of the parents of the 24 players had removed their children from McFarland's team after his arrest.

7:15 PM: Charlotte Hornets player Jeffery Taylor was sentenced to 18 months probation after pleading guilty Wednesday to domestic abuse & destruction of property charges in a hotel incident in East Lansing, Michigan.

7:00 PM: reports a Detroit couple who had three pygmy goats seized from the home last week are worried that the goats will be taken to a USDA facility & euthanized.

6:45 PM: San Francisco police chief Greg Suhr said after 40 people were arrested Wednesday night during World Series celebrations: "To the clowns that came to San Francisco to act out, I guess you just don't know what it's like to have a good time without being a jerk, and we had a lot of them last night."

6:30 PM: WWE wrestler Daniel Bryan celebrates the San Francisco Giants' World Series win with his own in-home "Yes!" chant.

6:15 PM: Cleveland Cavaliers coach David Blatt said about making his NBA regular season debut tonight: "I'm excited as hell. Who wouldn't be?"

6:00 PM: The Humane Society of South Mississippi is asking for donations to help care for 54 dogs that were rescued from a puppy mill operation Wednesday night. Cost of care for the rescued dogs is expected to exceed $65,000.

5:45 PM: South Plantation (Florida) High School running back Andrew Leacock faces charges for tweeting bomb threats against the school & other students.

5:30 PM: Kansas basketball coach Bill Self & his staff made a surprise visit to the school's Underground dining area and bought lunch for students for about an hour.

4:30 PM: From The Onion: "Sportswriter Has Hunch Team Will Use Bye Week To Get Healthy"

4:15 PM: Opening Thursday's press conference, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan said about the team's QB situation: "We're gonna go with that Bumgarner guy." San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner was named this year's World Series MVP.

4:00 PM: The University of Minnesota announced Wednesday night that basketball player Zach Lofton has been dismissed for "failing to meet the expectations and obligations of the team."

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