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9:00 PM: Margo Pellegrino on Friday finished a 9-day solo kayaking trip around New Jersey to raise awareness of clean waterways in the state. Pellegrino said the worst waterway was the Passaic River, the last river of her journey.

8:45 PM: Dunkin' Donuts announces it will be opening its first L.A.-area store in Santa Monica on September 2, with the first customer in line to receive free coffee for a year.

8:30 PM: For next Wednesday's "The '90s Are All That Night", the Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team will be wearing Nickelodeon "Green Slime" jerseys.

8:15 PM: The Oklahoman reports the Oklahoma City RedHawks will become the Triple-A affiliate of the L.A. Dodgers as a Dodgers-affiliated company is about the purchase the team.

8:00 PM: A 23-year-old Warm Springs, Oregon woman who admitted to starting a 2013 wildfire that burned over 50,000 acres & cost $7.9 million to put out said she did it because her firefighter friends were bored and needed the work.

7:45 PM: Auburn has installed new stone eagle statues at Toomer's Corner while moving the original marble eagles inside to Samford Hall.

7:30 PM: The Hollywood Reporter reports the NFL has reached a settlement with M.I.A. in their lawsuit against the rapper for her alleged middle finger gesture during the 2012 Super Bowl halftime show.

7:15 PM: The Miami Herald reports that before his team left for a game in Hoover, Alabama, Miami Central High School football coach Roland Smith received a letter mailed from Hoover filled with racial slurs & insults.

7:00 PM: Gulf Coast League Mets player Manuel Hilario was airlifted to the hospital after suffering a seizure following a collision during Friday's game against the GCL Nationals.

6:45 PM: South Carolina state trooper R.S. Salter, who arrested Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Sam Montgomery for speeding last June, was fired from his job for making "inappropriate comments" to Montgomery during the arrest.

6:30 PM: Two-time Miss Spain winner & Miss Universe contestant Patricia Yurena recently announced on Instagram that she is gay.

6:15 PM: Argentinian polo player Ignacio Negri was arrested Thursday on charges of raping a woman in Wellington, Florida in 2012.

6:00 PM: The Seattle Times profiles Jen Hamann, a 24-year-old female boxer whose pro career was cut short by a malignant brain tumor.

5:45 PM: The NCAA says it will appeal a judge's ruling that schools violated anti-trust laws by limiting the amount of money student-athletes can earn through scholarships.

5:30 PM: A Texas appeals court ruled on Thursday that the Dallas Mavericks are not in insolvency and do not need to appoint a receiver to take over management of the team.

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