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7:00 PM: Seven people were sent to the hospital after a lightning bolt struck a Raymond James Stadium parking lot following Sunday's Buccaneers-Packers game.

6:45 PM: Vine video of New York Giants kicker Josh Brown giving a kick to the face of St. Louis Rams safety Cody Davis during Sunday's game.

6:30 PM: David Cornwell, attorney for Florida State QB Jameis Winston, said on Sunday that his client has been cleared in a student conduct code hearing over sexual assault accusations against him.

6:15 PM: KTLA reports a 15-year-old Downey (CA) High School student was sent to the hospital with broken facial bones after being attacked by a 16-year-old classmate in the school's locker room on Thursday.

6:00 PM: The New York Daily News reports that the Yankees will pay for the education of the children of Rafael Ramos, a NYPD officer who was shot & killed with his partner Wenjian Liu in their squad car Saturday. The Yankee Silver Shield Foundation was set up in 2010 for the children of slain NYPD officers.

5:45 PM: The St. Petersburg city council voted against a measure Thursday that would allow the Tampa Bay Rays to look for a new stadium site in Pinellas & Hillsborough Counties because the Rays refused to give up its right to 50 percent of development proceeds at the Tropicana Field site.

5:30 PM: New York Jets coach Rex Ryan said after Sunday's 17-16 loss to the New England Patriots to drop to 3-12 on the season: "I really thought it was going to be our day."

5:15 PM: Former NFL coach Mike Shanahan said on Sunday when asked if he would coach again: "One thing I want to do is win. So, it's not just coaching but going to the right organization that would make a strong commitment. There's only one team that's happy at the end of the year - that's the team that wins the Super Bowl."

5:00 PM: Cincinnati associate head basketball coach Larry Davis said about head coach Mick Cronin, who missed Saturday's loss against VCU after being diagnosed with a brain aneurysm: "He wouldn't let a doctor advise him how to coach a team and he's not going to advise a doctor. But I know this. He's a competitive guy. As soon as the doctor says he's OK, he'll be back."

4:45 PM: San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers played Saturday's 38-35 overtime win against the San Francisco 49ers with a bulging disk in his lower back that may require offseason surgery.

4:30 PM: The family of Gordie Howe said the NHL Hall of Famer has made a "truly miraculous" improvement after undergoing stem cell treatment earlier this month by Dr. Maynard Howe (no relation).

4:15 PM: Video of Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola stomping on the ankle of Chicago Bears defensive tackle Ego Ferguson during Sunday's game.

4:00 PM: The Harvard men's basketball team tied an NCAA shot-clock era record by making only one field goal basket in the first half of Sunday's 76-27 loss to Virginia.

3:45 PM: Video of the Calgary Flames scoring an own goal into their empty net during a delayed penalty call in Saturday's game against the Vancouver Canucks. The Flames would go on to lose 3-2 in overtime for their eighth straight defeat.

3:30 PM: With Saturday's 16-3 victory over Nevada in the New Orleans Bowl, Louisiana-Lafayette became the first college football team to win the same bowl game in four straight seasons.

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