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9:00 PM: The New York Mets will be hosting a fundraiser on November 4 for Shannon Forde, the team's director of media relations who has been battling stage 4 breast cancer for the past three years.

8:45 PM: A woman whose Mission Hills, Kansas house caught on fire Tuesday was warned that she would be arrested if she tried to go back in to save her World Series tickets. A firefighter was able to retrieve the tickets, while neighbor George Brett happened by while out walking his dog.

8:30 PM: PETA has sent a letter to Texas A&M asking the school to do its annual Elephant Walk without the use of live elephants. The Walk is done through campus by senior football players before their last regular season game of the season.

8:15 PM: Boston Celtics assistant coach Walter McCarty pleaded not guilty to larceny charges Thursday after allegedly bouncing $39,000 worth of checks to a contractor working on his home.

8:00 PM: Marshall University & Conference USA have reportedly hired an L.A.-based PR firm to help push the Thundering Herd's case for inclusion in the College Football Playoff.

7:45 PM: Wednesday's Senators-Maple Leafs game in Ottawa that was canceled has been rescheduled for November 9.

7:30 PM: The attorney for Bryan Allen, who allegedly paid University of Georgia running back Todd Gurley $400 to autograph items, said that his client has been the victim of threats & harassment and had someone try to break into his home.

7:15 PM: Concord (Indiana) High School girls' junior varsity soccer coach Emmy Gibson was arrested on charges of having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old player.

7:00 PM: For the Montreal Canadiens' Habs Halloween Bash, defenseman P.K. Subban dressed up as Michael Jackson from the "Thriller" video.

6:45 PM: Oklahoma State has field a trademark infringement lawsuit against New Mexico State over the Aggies selling "Classic Aggie" items with the Pistol Pete logo.

6:30 PM: Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy says his team's defense has earned the title of being "soft": "I mean, guys get so sensitive around the league but we have to be men. This is a man's league. We're professionals and guys have issues with criticisms."

6:15 PM: University of Oklahoma marching band director Justin Stolarik stepped down Thursday. Band members took out newspaper ads last Friday criticizing Stolarik for "ineffective leadership and poor instruction", but did not sign their names out of fear of being dismissed from the band.

6:00 PM: Philadelphia Eagles RB LeSean McCoy & some of his teammates are scheduled to attend a breast cancer awareness event at a hair salon in Upper Darby on Friday. McCoy is currently dating one of the salon's co-owners.

5:45 PM: From Mark Berman of Fox 26 Houston, Dwight Howard was reportedly "speechless" when the Houston Rockets waived Josh Powell on Thursday.

5:30 PM: Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher said on Wednesday about current Bears QB Jay Cutler: "Financially, he is one of the elite guys in the NFL .... He just hasn't produced like an elite quarterback."

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