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12:45 PM: Ohio State student Anthony Wunder, who ran onto the field during last Saturday's football game only to be bodyslammed by Buckeyes assistant Anthony Schlegel, had his engineering scholarship & housing privileges revoked.

12:30 PM: Officials in Fresno County, California say someone broke into a Foster Farms facility and killed 920 chickens with a golf club.

12:15 PM: The Chicago Cubs announce that the statues of Ernie Banks & Harry Caray outside of Wrigley Field are being temporarily removed to make way for stadium renovation work.

12:00 PM: An Ohio woman is suing a Downers Grove, Illinois sperm bank for sending her African-American sperm instead of white sperm. The lawsuit claims the woman "lives each day with fears, anxieties and uncertainty" about raising her mixed-race child in her all-white community.

11:45 AM: Fresno State football coach Tim DeRuyter said that defensive backs Bryan Harper & Justin Holmes have quit the team for "personal reasons".

11:30 AM: A 13-year-old Ypsilanti, Michigan boy remains in critical condition after being shocked by fencing on a metal bleacher ramp while at an eighth-grade football game at Lincoln High School Tuesday night.

11:15 AM: The Revel Casino-Hotel in Atlantic City, which was built in 2012 at a cost of $2.4 billion, was bought for $110 million in a bankruptcy auction on Wednesday.

11:00 AM: Shonda Schilling, wife of former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling is seeking the return of a personal computer sold at a Schillings' estate sale. The computer was among numerous items up for sale to help pay debts from Curt's bankrupt 38 Studios video game company.

10:45 AM: Japanese swimmer Naoya Tomita was dismissed from the Asian Games in South Korea after admitting to stealing a $7,500 camera from a South Korean journalist.

10:30 AM: In Tuesday's press conference to introduce new interim head coach Tony Sparano, Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis said he "feels bad for the fans" for the team's 0-4 start.

10:15 AM: The Kansas City Police Deparment tweeted during Tuesday night's AL Wild Card Game: "We really need everyone to not commit crimes and drive safely right now. We'd like to hear the @Royals clinch this."

10:00 AM: University of Cincinnati director of football player welfare & development Antrione Archer was fired Tuesday after being charged with exposing himself at a local grocery store.

9:00 PM: Former UConn & current Maryland football coach Randy Edsall made a donation to help complete funding for a memorial statue in honor of Jasper Howard. Howard was a Huskies cornerback who was stabbed to death hours after UConn's 2009 homecoming win against Louisville.

8:45 PM: Mario Lemieux & the Minnesota Wild have recently become the featured subjects of new corn mazes, with admission prices at the mazes going toward charity.

8:30 PM: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be holding practice at Tropicana Field on Wednesday & Thursday to help prepare for next Sunday's game at the Superdome against the New Orleans Saints.

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