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11:15 AM: Croatia's boxing federation said that Vido Loncar has been "banned for life" after he attacked a referee who stopped his bout against Algirdas Baniulis in Zagreb on Monday. Baniulis fled the ring when Loncar began punching the ref, and Loncar had to be restrained by other officials.

11:00 AM: A Tucson police officer caught on video last March shoving a University of Arizona student will not be prosecuted. The incident happened while Arizona students were rioting after the Wildcats' loss to Wisconsin in the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

10:45 AM: In a radio interview Tuesday, former Florida QB Tim Tebow said the current Gators team lacks leadership and isn't working together, adding that it was "hard to watch" last Saturday's 42-14 loss to Missouri.

10:30 AM: California (Pennsylvania) University defensive lineman Anthony McPoyle has been ordered to stand trial on charges of assault & resisting arrest for fighting outside a bar and threatening police in an incident earlier this month.

10:15 AM: The University of Hawaii football team is averaging 25,263 fans at Aloha Stadium this season, the Rainbow Warriors' lowest attendance average since going winless in 1998.

10:00 AM: Justin Bieber was reportedly scolded by Vatican City officials for kicking a soccer ball down the halls during a private tour of the City's buildings & Papal Apartments.

9:00 PM: Kobe Bryant told Lakers rookie Julius Randle about maintaining a hard work ethic to succeed in the NBA: "If you f*** this up, you're a really big idiot. ESPN are idiots, but you're really a big idiot if you manage to f*** this up."

8:45 PM: West Virginia football player Elijah Wellman was among the several people arrested for rioting in Morgantown following the Mountaineers' win over Baylor last Saturday.

8:30 PM: From The Onion: "Bud Selig Awoken From Cryosleep In Time For World Series"

8:15 PM: reports Hunterdon Central High School head wrestling & assistant football coach Steve Gibble was fired by the school's board of education on Monday for undisclosed reasons.

8:00 PM: The USC Athletic Dept. tweets that after a "resounding win" over Colorado last Saturday, the Trojans will wear their chrome-facemaked metallic helmets again for next Saturday's game against Utah.

7:45 PM: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that former Hawks player Dikembe Mutombo is interested in buying an ownership stake in the team. Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson announced he was selling his stake after the discovery of a racist email he sent in 2012.

7:30 PM: 12 jurors were selected Tuesday for the trial of Robert Ferrante, a University of Pittsburgh researcher who is accused of killing his wife with an energy drink poisoned with cyanide.

7:15 PM: Central Michigan University running back Thomas Rawls was sentenced to 12 months probation & 104 hours of community service as part of a plea deal for stealing a purse from a local casino last April.

7:00 PM: The Charleston (SC) Post and Courier reports Academic Magnet High School football coach Bud Walpole was fired over allegations that the team celebrated a recent victory by smashing watermelons and making ape-like sounds.

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