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4:00 PM: MMA fighter Ralph "Plexin Texan" Garcia Jr. was sentenced to 28 years in prison for the October 2011 shooting death of Maxie Flowers. Garcia reportedly hunted down Flowers after the two had an argument the day before.

3:45 PM: A federal appeals court ruled on Thursday that the body of Jim Thorpe can remain in the Pennsylvania town that bears his name. Thorpe's surviving sons have been trying to get their father reburied in Native American land in Oklahoma.

3:30 PM: KCCI profiles Jill Vento, an employee at the Des Moines International Airport who managed to lose over 200 pounds in a year & a half by taking daily walks around the terminals.

3:15 PM: The Syracuse-based Empire Brewing Company is being sued by Lucasfim over Empire's attempt to trademark "Strikes Bock" beer. Lucasfilm claims the name would infringe on their own trademark and confuse consumers.

3:00 PM: The University of Cincinnati's News Record profiles Lucy, the school's live bearcat mascot who sometimes attends games when she's not at the Cincinnati Zoo.

2:45 PM: From The Onion: "Football Hall Of Fame Acquires Peyton Manning's Record-Breaking Touchdown-Throwing Arm"

2:30 PM: The Milwaukee Brewers announced on Thursday that boy band One Direction will be performing at Miller Park next August 25.

2:15 PM: According to a police report released Wednesday, Florida QB Treon Harris had texted the female student who accused him of raping her: "Don't tell nobody bout nothing." Harris was not charged after the student withdrew her complaint.

2:00 PM: Maria Sharapova lost to Petra Kvitova 6-3, 6-2 at the WTA Finals in Singapore on Thursday, hurting Sharapova's chances to end the season ranked #1.

1:45 PM: New York Jets coach Rex Ryan jumped in on a media conference call with Buffalo Bills receiver Sammy Watkins and asked Watkins not to play on Sunday. Watkins was teammates with Ryan's son Seth at Clemson last year.

1:30 PM: After first declining the offer, John Hart has agreed to become the Atlanta Braves' new president of baseball operations.

1:15 PM: Cleveland Browns QB Brian Hoyer said on Wednesday about Sunday's loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars: "I'm just angry. Even my wife says she doesn't even want to be around me. She doesn't want to be around me when we win, too, because I'm so critical."

1:00 PM: The International Olympic Committee on Wednesday granted provisional recognition to Kosovo, which could compete in its first Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. But Serbia has filed an official protest, claiming Kosovo is still part of their country.

12:45 PM: Ohio State filed court papers Thursday saying former band director Jonathan Waters misled investigators and concealed the "sexual culture" around the band. The school also claimed Waters once proposed to punish a band member who reported a sexual assault, and also had a calendar of "nearly nude male students" in his office.

12:30 PM: Following a 7-2 loss Wednesday night, Sudbury Wolves coach Paul Fixter exchanged heated words with Sault Star reporter Peter Ruicci, with Fixter telling Riucci: "F*** you! Don't f***ing talk to me like that!"

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