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11:15 AM: The family of Gordie Howe says that despite suffering from two strokes in the past three months, the NHL Hall of Famer plans to attend the Kinsmen Club celebrity dinner in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan next February. Wayne Gretzky is also scheduled to attend the event.

11:00 AM: Woodland (Washington) High School basketball player Ryan Sturdivan hit two half-court shots in the same game in Monday's 49-47 win over Kelso.

10:45 AM: Nashville Predators forward James Neal was fined $2,000 by the NHL for diving & embellishing during Saturday's game against the San Jose Sharks.

10:30 AM: A 15-year-old boy on Wednesday admitted to shooting & killing his foster father and another man in an Oregon cabin during a 2012 hunting trip.

10:15 AM: An 8-year-old blind student at a North Kansas City elementary school had his cane taken away and replaced with a swimming pool noodle. School officials took the cane after the boy hit another student on a school bus.

10:00 AM: Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving said on Wednesday after signing coach Bob Hartley to a multi-year contract extension: "This should send a clear message to our dressing room that Bob is not only the coach for today, but moving forward."

9:00 PM: The Dodo has the story of Derby, a disabled dog who was recently able to run for the first time ever after receiving new 3D-printed prosthetic front legs.

8:45 PM: 70-year-old Leavenworth, Kansas resident Jim Hattok took to social media to help dissuade the city from making him take down his 10-foot-tall Christmas tree made of hubcaps & license plates.

8:30 PM: In his final meeting with players after he was fired, former Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini ranted about athletic director Shawn Eichorst, calling him a "total p***y" and a "total c***".

8:15 PM: After New Orleans Saints cornerback Keenan Lewis said his team going to give the Atlanta Falcons "their funeral" next Sunday, Falcons receiver Roddy White responded: "May we rest in peace."

8:00 PM: The Chicago Bears will reportedly start Jimmy Clausen at QB over Jay Cutler for next Sunday's game against the Detroit Lions.

7:45 PM: On the day their football coach Paul Chryst was introduced as the new head coach at Wisconsin, the University of Pittsburgh fired athletic director Steve Pederson.

7:30 PM: Barry Blevins was arrested Wednesday for the shooting death of former Kansas State defensive back David Garrett outside a Cleveland bar on October 11.

7:15 PM: WPHT radio host Chris Stigall issued an apology after saying Julie Kramer, a 23-year-old Phillies fan with stage four synovial sarcoma cancer, might not live through an entire Phillies season. Stigall made the comments after Kramer appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show & had a surprise visit from Chase Utley.

7:00 PM: Linda Mulligan, who found the body of Ohio State football player Kosta Karageorge in a Columbus dumpster, said Karageorge's suicide made her want to "fight more" for her own life: "Three weeks before this, I could have seen myself like that .... I know how you can go there."

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