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6:00 PM: The Detroit Free Press reports the owners of two dogs who mauled a jogger to death near their Metamora, Michigan home entered the U.S. illegally by bribing an immigration officer to let them seek asylum from Albania.

5:45 PM: Passengers in a car traveling on Interstate 95 near Topsfield, Massachusetts managed to avoid injury after an axe smashed into their front windshield. The axe had fallen off a landscaper's truck the car was following.

5:30 PM: Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel said on Thursday about when he'll start: "I'll play whenever the coaches say I'm ready. There is no rush. I don't know if they drafted me to be ready Week 1."

5:15 PM: At Thursday's Big Ten Media Day, Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini said that the College Football Playoffs will eventually expand from four to eight teams because there are five "Power 5" conference champions "and someone is gonna be pissed".

5:00 PM: Inside Hoops reports the official NBA game ball for this season will include a mention of the league's @NBA official Twitter account.

4:45 PM: The Philadelphia Flyers announce that former players Eric Lindros, John LeClair & Eric Desjardins will be inducted into the team's Hall of Fame this season.

4:30 PM: The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that in addition to an indoor waterfall, Ohio State's new football locker rooms will also include its own barbershop.

4:15 PM: In a three-team deal David Price is going to the Detroit Tigers, Austin Jackson to the Seattle Mariners and Nick Franklin to the Tampa Bay Rays.

4:00 PM: From the San Francisco Chronicle, Detroit prep school basketball player Joshua Jackson announced he is transferring to Prolific Prep in the Napa Valley, a school that the Chronicle says does not yet exist.

3:45 PM: Detroit Tigers pitcher Evan Reed pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges of sexually assaulting a 45-year-old woman he met at local bar last March.

3:30 PM: The attorney for former Kansas City Chiefs RB Larry Johnson said on Wednesday that his client's 2012 domestic violence case is now considered closed after a judge determined Johnson completed his community service & counseling requirements.

3:15 PM: Houston Texans running back Arian Foster tweeted on Thursday: "Media is full of propaganda and you're subjected to their agenda. Don't let them think for you. #staysuckafree"

3:00 PM: Wednesday's Quad Cities River Bandits-Clinton LumberKings minor league baseball game was interrupted by a wild opossum wandering onto the field.

2:45 PM: Female NBA referee Violet Palmer announced she will be marrying her long-time partner Tanya Stine in a ceremony in Los Angeles on Friday.

2:30 PM: Two gym teachers at a Vibgyor High School in Bangalore, India were arrested on charges of raping a six-year-old girl after holding her back after a class.

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