SbB Gig #126 enjoyed a L.A.-flavored Valentin…

SbB Gig #126 enjoyed a L.A.-flavored Valentine’s Day.

Surrounded by the ultimate sweethearts, the SbB Girls, at The Bitter Redhead sports bar in Santa Monica, CA., enjoyed another evening of Sports, Babes and Beer in Southern California.

With love in the air, a strong throng of SbBers watched newcomer Jeff outlast TBR/SbB legend Craig in the SbB Trivia Finals, as he claimed his first-ever SbB title, and a coveted Cheech and Chong lunchbox.

Our Valentine’s Day sweethearts were, justifiably, the center of attention throughout the evening, with SbB Girls Andie, Cora and first-timers Sarah and Katie basking in the blissful adoration.

Special thanks to SbB Hall of Famers USFL Fan, Brratt, and Craig and Leeann at The Bitter Redhead.


SPORTS ILLUSTRATED swimsuit issue cover model Rachel Hunter to Jay Leno on the popularity of this year’s issue: "I found out today there were 33 million hits on yesterday alone."

33 million hits? Then why is traffic mostly flat?

Ten years of no sleep, booze and cigarettes (and god knows what else) might have something to do with it. Meanwhile, SPORTS BUSINESS DAILY notes that SI’s ad page revenue is down an astounding 29% for 2006, with ESPN The Magazine making major gains:


SPORTS MAGAZINE ‘06 ($000) ‘05 ($000)

Sports Illustrated 28,277.6 39,680.7 -28.7 ESPN Magazine 21,185.5 20,498.0 +3.4