SbB Gig #110 cracked open yet another night o…

SbB Gig #110 cracked open yet another night of Sports, Babes & Beer Monday night in Los Angeles.

An unrelenting group of SbB’rs gathered to match wits in SbB Trivia - including SbB legends T-Hundy and Nick Mitchell, live and on-stage, at the newly renovated and expanded Bitter Redhead bar.

In his prelim round, Nick Mitchell narrowly escaped the clutches of T-Hundy’s titantic trivia knowledge - before shuttting out the field in the finals.

Of course, the SbB Girls were also in attendance to lend a hand. SbB Girl Alex helped us welcome rookies Gia and Jessica into the wonderful world of SbB.

Special thanks to Philips, Best Buy, Stella Artois, Pepsi and Apple Computer’s iPod. Also thanks to SbB Hall of Famers USFL Fan, Brratt, and Craig and Leeann at The Bitter Redhead.


SbB is cited in the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE. (l/p)