SbB @ Final Four: The Greatest KU Jayhawk Of All

In the aftermath of KU blindsiding the Memphis Tigers last night, today we’re sure you’ll be hearing more about Bill Self’s flirtation with his alma mater, and Coach Cal’s previous insistence that that free throw thing really is overrated.

Memphis Tigers Elvis Fans Sing The Blues

(Singing the blues right about now)

We were at the game, and it was pretty damn thrilling. But not as exciting as our postgame experience.

KU's Mystery Man Final Four Alamodome

As we watched the video board play “One Shining Moment” with all the relieved (not excited) Kansas fans, we gazed up a rather tall gent wrapped in denim, boots and a ten gallon hat. Why, who could it be?


Greg Ostertag Final Four Alamodome


KU’s favorite son, Greg Ostertag, apparently took time out from getting throttled by 5-year-olds in ping pong to attend the game last night. And as you can see, the fan reaction to his presence was nothing short of bedlam.

We grew up in Kansas City, so it was little amusing watching the reaction of Jayhawks fans after the victory. As stated earlier, KU fans believe the national title BELONGS TO THEM. So winning it doesn’t elicit the emotional exaltation you would think. Perhaps that was the main reason for Self’s postgame interview with CBS being so strangely subdued. Or does he know something we don’t know? T. Boone? Anyone?

KU Fan

(Daddy, that trophy belongs to ME!)

We’re headed to Austin, TX. today, then it’s back to L.A. for a piece. And then we turn right back around for Miami and the Virgin Islands. We’ve got some more surprises for y’all, so stay tuned.