SbB @ Final Four: Red State Rock, Zero Hip Hop

The NCAA lined up plenty of things for us to see and do at the Final Four. Among the NCAA off-court events in San Antonio were free concerts featuring the likes of Kid Rock, Fall Out Boy and The All-American Rejects.

Kid Rock Final Four San Antonio

(Whitey McWhitefish Kid Rock performs at Final Four)

And there were dozens-more musical acts featured who you’ve probably never heard of. But curiously, there were absolutely zero* Hip Hop artists on stage at NCAA-endorsed events.

Now we’ll make a wild guess and say that the majority of players in the Final Four enjoy Hip Hop, as do thousands of fans who attended the games. So why wasn’t Hip Hop included on any of the bills? We think we both know the answer to that one.

Meanwhile, at the NBA’s biggest event of the year, the All-Star game, there are Hip Hop artists performing all over the place in the host cities - including at NBA events. Not to mention Hip Hop being played in every NBA arena throughout the season.

That lack of representation reminds us of the current board room scenario playing out between the NCAA and NBA - when it comes to eligibility for the draft. The leadership of both sides, Myles Brand and David Stern, now want to force players to participate in two years of college basketball before entering the NBA draft.

Wonder how the players feel about that?

At all the NCAA-sponsored events, the governing body takes great pains to let you know how much it cares about the student-athlete. But doesn’t it sound like the players’ interests are the last thing taken into account when it comes to college basketball?

* The Roots played on Friday, we stand corrected. So that makes exactly one Hip Hop act over three days.