SbB @ Final Four: Live Blog For Tonight’s Games

Tonight Tuffy will be live-blogging on SbB during the Final Four games in San Antonio. We will be at the game (got our tickets this morning, woo-hoo!). We will also provide in-game observos on the thread - from inside the Alamodome.

We’re also pleased to announce that we will be filing a piece from San Antonio for later this weekend. Of course, we’ll link it from here when it goes up.

San Antonio Coyote Ugly No Bob Huggins

We made the mistake of going out in San Antonio last night, first to Coyote Ugly. Great call, if you’re looking for the entire male contingent of Memphis fans. After blowing $10 on a cover, we quickly exited and found a better place called Medusa. No cover and it had a much better ratio, if you get our drift. A couple inadvisable shots of Jack is why you didn’t get a post last night.

We are (somewhat) happy to report that before we hit the bars, we managed to sneak into the NCAA coaches hotel .

Actually sneak isn’t the proper term. We were invited by Vegas sports radio legend Steve Cofield (KENO-AM) to come on his show, which happened to be broadcasting from the coaches’ host hotel.

We spent a couple hours wandering the halls afterward, and didn’t spot a single employed coach. Only sightings: Nolan Richardson and the immortal Wimp Sanderson (still looking for work?!) Unbelievably, the hotel has only one small bar, so the pickings were slim all around. We certainly hope whomever booked that hotel for the coaches got a major kickback. The place is not suited to host the entire contingent of NCAA college basketball coaches.
And no, we aren’t going to tell you what hotel it is. We don’t want Wimp Sanderson fans to stampede the place.

San Antonio Riverwalk Ledge

We walked the entire Riverwalk in the early evening, and must say we were impressed. It’s damn cool scene, though overcrowded for obvious reasons. The amazing thing about the Riverwalk is there are no guardrails of any sort to protect you from falling into the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory-colored water. With the *river* lined with bars and restaurants, we’re guessing San Antonio’s finest will be dredging the drink for fallen fans all weekend.

The nightlife should be a little more palatable this evening, provided Carolina wins. It’s obvious they brought the hottest female fans (however few). Though, we’ve seen more KU, Memphis and UCLA fans so far around town (and we do mean “town”). If you know anything about the nature of UCLA fandom, you would be absolutely stunned at the number of Bruins backers here. Pleasant surprise.

We’re going back out to prowl around before the games today. As stated previously, Tuffy will live blog throughout the games, and we will weigh in whenever someone spatters the Alamodome concourse with fallen Nachos dip. Or something.

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