SbB @ Final Four: D. Rose “Eats Like He’s Eight”

Yes, we’re still holed up in San Antonio, waiting for the Memphis-KU final tonight. We just finished a piece for called “Your unofficial guide to San Antonio.” Oddly enough, the post doesn’t include these young, lovely locals:

UTSA Dance Team

But there is a cool photo gallery for the piece, which includes the Memphis Tigers escaping to San Antonio’s Riverwalk yesterday and the SbB Girls.

Tonight, Tuffy and I will be live-blogging the game, so be sure and check back at game time, whenever that really is. As far as home court advantage for the game, we can promise you Memphis fans will be vastly outnumbered inside the Alamodome, though the remaining Carolina fans will be rooting for the Tigers.

Memphis Tigers Elvis Fan

(Speaking of stomach turners)

We like Memphis, if Derrick Rose’s upper duodenum cooperates. In case you’re unaware, the best player in the country is suffering from a Ruthian-esque tummy ache. While most have only speculated at the specific cause, Ryan Greene of the LAWRENCE JOURNAL-WORLD has the most likely reason for Rose’s delicate condition.

No, it wasn’t nerves keeping Derrick Rose from meeting the media Sunday afternoon. The star freshman, known as a shy guy, legitimately had stomach woes. Junior forward Robert Dozier said it should come as no surprise, though, in a relaxed locker room setting just a little while ago.

“He just didn’t eat - You don’t eat and your stomach’s supposed to be hurting … He didn’t eat last night or this morning,” Dozier said. “We’ve been having problems with him, making him eat all this year, so it’s nothing major to worry about … He just eats candy and pineapple and syrup. He never really eats real food. Eating grilled cheese sandwiches, things kids eat. He’s 19, he eats like he’s eight … He needs (a food pyramid). Someone needs to put one up in his room.”

Now we’ve always considered Coach Cal a bit of a Froot Loop, but that’s ridiculous. So much riding on this game, and Rose gets shelved because of a Pez attack?

Memphis Tigers Smoking Fan

We do want to keep this in perspective though. Based on what we’ve seen from more than a few Memphis fans this weekend, Rose is a relative lightweight.