SbB Clever Caption Contest: Malik Rose Doggin’ It

Hey, readers! Hope you’ve all calmed down from that exciting, thrilling, heart-stopping Pro Bowl in Hawaii yesterday! And now I hope you all get worked up again, ’cause it’s time for another SbB Clever Caption Contest!

But since you’re probably all Pro-Bowled out, today’s photo features Malik Rose of the New York Knicks making a new four-legged friend:

Malik Rose New York Knicks dog

How adorable. What sweet (or sour) words can you add to this cuddly canine scene? Submit your suggestions into the comments section linked below. Winner will be announced in the end-of-the-day recap, and have his or her belly rubbed by Mike D’Antoni. (We were originally going to have Isiah Thomas perform that duty, but we thought better of it.)

Anyway, good luck and good writing!


  1. GravatarBenMR
    2:18 pm on February 9th, 2009

    Bowzer gets ready to "water a Rose" in the Garden.

  2. GravatarDunder Mifflin Security Guard
    2:19 pm on February 9th, 2009

    Meet the Knicks' newest mascot: Charles Bark-ley!

  3. GravatarJoePa Life Alert Bracelet
    2:20 pm on February 9th, 2009

    Even dogs can't stand to watch the Knicks these days.

  4. GravatarHurricane Ike Turner
    2:31 pm on February 9th, 2009

    Malik: "Fido, how do our team's chances look for the rest of the season?"
    Fido: "Rough!"

  5. GravatarRod Allen
    2:33 pm on February 9th, 2009

    "Hey, fella! You gotta hide me! Bob Barker's been following me around all night, crazily muttering about spaying & neutering!"

  6. GravatarSour Orange
    2:41 pm on February 9th, 2009

    I said I wanted a Milk Bone, not Malik Rose.

  7. GravatarNeil Everett Diamond
    2:45 pm on February 9th, 2009

    Malik Rose gets ready to shoot a scene for the direct-to-DVD release "Air Bud: Disorder On the Court".

  8. GravatarThe Real EA Sports
    3:03 pm on February 9th, 2009

    Malik: Are you sure you're the real Snoop Dogg?
    Dog: For shizzle.

  9. GravatarFrank
    3:04 pm on February 9th, 2009

    Watch where you're petting me, pal. Remember what happened to your old boss Isiah.

  10. Gravatarbrady bunch
    3:15 pm on February 9th, 2009

    Hey……..lick this

  11. GravatarRudy
    3:48 pm on February 9th, 2009

    "I've got Bad Newz for you, Fido."

  12. GravatarEl Stinko
    3:50 pm on February 9th, 2009


    Is that being said by the dog or Malik Rose?

  13. GravatarHellwig
    4:35 pm on February 9th, 2009

    Desperate for fans and media attention, the New York Knicks offered their best promotion yet : "Michael Vick Dogfighting Night".

  14. GravatarWes Welker Wuvs You
    5:18 pm on February 9th, 2009

    The Knicks could use a good point(er) guard.

  15. GravatarAl Boyd
    6:01 pm on February 9th, 2009

    Somebody tell Kevin Quill this is just a Time-Out. I'm still the mascot.

  16. GravatarReggy
    8:13 pm on February 9th, 2009

    Dog:  "Damn, you're still in the NBA, Malik?"
    Rose:  "Does playing for the Knicks count?"