SbB Brett Favre News Embargo: End Or Extend?

OK, everyone - our 30 days hiatus on all things Brett Favre has expired. So just like the rest of our great American sports nation, we can over-hype, over-discuss & over-analyze ever minute detail of the QB who just can’t call it quits.

Brett Favre Vikings

But being Favre-free was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it? No constant tracking of flights between Hattiesburg and Minneapolis. No hunkering down outside the Eden Prairie Motel 6, scanning the horizon for any sign of Brett-related brouhahas. It was such a pleasant time.

Hey, who’s up for another go of banning Brett?

(Your chance to rock the vote appears after the jump.)

Yes, dear readers, SbB is proud to offer you another opportunity as an oasis from the fables & foibles of #4. Here’s your chance again to help dictate our editorial policy & make this world a better place for you and me. Should we go another 30 days without commenting on anything involving the kid from Kiln, Mississippi - or shall we once again worship at the altar of Favre?

The decision is yours:

Should SbB go Brett Favre-free for another 30 days?

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Polls will remain open until 8 pm ET, Friday, August 28.