Sawyer Brown All-Stars Silenced By College Hoops Squads

Forget March Madness, the best thing about college hoops are the cockamamie teams cobbled together as cannon fodder for early season exhibitions.

Sawyer Brown

Your leader in the clubhouse this season is something called the “Sawyer Brown All-Stars“.

Sawyer Brown All-Stars

Yes, the team is made up of some of the “Sawyer Brown” band members who helped score big country hits in the ’90s (and is now ripping off the Georgia Satellites’ classic “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” in a desperate attempt to resurrect their popularity).

The hasty hoops assemblage, which apparently had a schedule of only two games, included Kentucky legend Kyle Macy and former Univ. of Alabama and NBA player (and aspiring country singer) Jim Farmer.

Last week, Division II College Florida Southern “ran wild” over the band of ballers 141-105. And on Oct. 25, tiny NAIA school Flagler College overcame a six-point deficit to silence the music makers 90-84.

Sadly, it appears that the *All-Stars* have since disbanded, with the band now scheduled to spew its country classics at something called the Potawatomi Casino next month.

So with Sawyer Brown throwing in the towel, I’m now hoping that another prominent country music attraction will hit the hardwood. I can see it now:

Baldknobbers Branson

The Ball-nobbers Jam-boree!