‘Saw V’ — There Go The Georgia Tech Goalposts

Oh you crazy college kids and your tearing down of the goalposts after a big upset victory. Also your carrying of the goalpost to the university president’s house and then cutting it into small pieces with a hacksaw on his lawn. GREG: “You’re talking about Delta House, sir.” DEAN WORMER: “Of course I’m talking about Delta House, you twit!”

Actually in this case we’re talking about Georgia Tech, whose boisterous students, after an unlikely 28-24 win over No. 4 Virginia Tech, tore down the goalposts and made off with one of them. Fun fact: Among the injuries reported in the escapade was “asthma attack.” Milhouse did not return a phone call for comment.

Videos of the entire incident following the jump.

Evidently it’s a tradition for Ga. Tech students to tear down the goalposts and present them to the college president after a big win. Dr. G.P. “Bud” Peterson, even gave a speech congratulating the team with the goalposts on his porch. But on Monday he called for “a review of safety procedures.”

“As soon as they started pulling down the goal post of course everyone started getting nervous, but it’s the mob mentally,” student Trey Zepernick told CBS ATLANTA. “You had to pull down the goal post, you had to.”