Sasha Vujacic Could Be Leaving Lakers For Europe

The hard fought battle between “Underused and Underappreciated Yet Not Quite Star-Level Restricted Free Agents” and “Foolish NBA GM’s” is starting to heat up. Josh Childress, representing the former, made like France and ran to Greece. But lest we confuse this tactic of playing overseas with retreating, remember that the players are screwing over their clubs, too.

Sasha Car

And the latest guy thinking about rolling out … the one … the only … the VUCHINE. (/single tear) That’s right. The LA TIMES reports that Sasha Vujacic, a.k.a. The Machine, could be leaving the country for Europe as well, if the Lakers don’t pony up more money than their minimal offer sheet.

Vujacic, who earned $1.76 million last season, was given a $2.6-million qualifying offer by the Lakers after the season to make him a restricted free agent.

He has not received an offer sheet from another NBA team. Teams were hesitant to make Vujacic an offer because they anticipate the Lakers would match it, the source said.

Sasha is considering the puddle jump because of the lack of other offers. In other words, he thinks — and I would agree — that he’s worth more than what the Lakers are minimally pushing towards him. But he can’t get that until someone else steps up and forces the Lakers’ hand.

Of course, what I don’t understand is why the Clippers or someone else aren’t bumping up his price tag out of spite - or in the hopes that Mitch Kupchak drops the ball.

Kupchak West

“No, Mitch. I just gave you Pau. There’s no Kobe involved. Jesus.”

‘We are very aware of the global market as it has changed over the years. It was our desire to bring Sasha and Ronny (Turiaf) back. It continues to be our desire to bring Sasha back,” Kupchak said Thursday after hearing of Vujacic’s ultimatum. ‘However, with the ever-changing marketplace that Europe has become, a player, in order to cover his bases, can negotiate with his NBA team and, at the same time, have a plan that allows him to have the possibility of going overseas.’

I believe what Mitch meant to say is: “I would prefer not to comment on Sasha’s situation until I speak to Mr. West regarding what asset from Chris Wallace will fall in our lap this year. Thank you for your time.”

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