Sasha Superb, Pierce Poor As Lakers Win Game 3

Once again, another unheralded player came through for his team in the NBA Finals. Back in Game 2, Leon Powe was a powe-erful presence for the Celtics, scoring 21 points in the Celtics’ win. In Tuesday night’s Game 3, the Lakers staved off a 3-0 deficit thanks to the vaunted play of Sasha Vujacic.

Sasha Vujacic Lakers Celtics

The Slovenian star & bane of b-ball gamblers everywhere scored 20 points, including a crucial 3-pointer with less than two minutes left, to secure the 87-81 victory - and keeping L.A.’s home playoff record perfect.

On the other side of the court, Paul Pierce’s performance could be perceived as pathetic - 2-for-14 from the field while totaling only 6 points. He should’ve just worn this jersey (courtesy of MIX MAKERS):

Paul Pierce Celtics handicapped jersey

But it might have been another piece of apparel that jinxed Paul’s evening.

TMZ bounces up video of the Boston baller sporting an L.A. Dodgers hat.

Paul Pierce LA Dodgers hat

The shame of it all! How can he betray all his Beantown fans like that?

Well, Pierce hails from the L.A. suburb of Inglewood - home of the Lakers’ long-time arema, the Forum - and he might have been just displaying a little hometown pride. But it certainly is a curious time to show it (or it could be an old video clip).

Next thing you know, we’ll be seeing Lamar Odom out & about in a Red Sox cap. He did play one collegiate year at nearby Rhode Island - which is also home to Boston’s Triple-A affiliate Pawtucket Red Sox.

Anyway, other observations from Tuesday night’s entanglement:

Jeff Van Gundy shares some more intimate details about his lifestyle. Now a nationwide audience knows that he loves Alyssa Milano, but hates paying full price for a haircut.

Kobe Byrant’s arm wrap kind of reminds us of legendary WWF ’80s jobber Iron Mike Sharpe.

Kobe Bryant Iron Mike Sharpe

• Throughout the Finals, ABC has been pummeling viewers with ads for their new series “Wipeout“. We enjoyed seeing these goofy game show stunts - the first time around as “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge“.

See for yourself. First, MXC:

Now, Wipeout:

Just another case of Hollywood running out of ideas. Plus, “MXC” had hilarious commentary - and we’re not expecting such crass but coveted comedy from a Disney-produced program.