Sarah Spain Returns to eBay with a New Strategy

The hottest attention whore in a Bears jersey since Paris Hilton is back on eBay with a new Super Bowl deal.

Sarah Spain, a “cute, funny, Ivy-League grad,” is now offering two Bears cheerleading pom poms to the highest bidder with a Super Bowl ticket. Naturally, getting her is apart of the deal.

“You can get 2 Bears cheerleading pom-poms for a low price! (I’m talking about the orange & white pom-poms, people. Save the jokes about MY pom-poms — it’s just too easy and you’re better than that). I’m a cute, funny, Ivy-League grad who is a HUUUGE Bears fan! I want to sell these 2 cheerleading pom-poms for use during the Super Bowl! I will accompany the pom-poms to the game.”

Sarah Spain

With nearly 6 days left in the auction, it’s unknown how many thousands some schmuck will pay to get ditched at the Super Bowl but currently, the bids stand at an impressive $56.00.