Sarah Spain And Chicago Bears Shared Big Date Jitters

SARAH SPAIN, BEARS, SHARED BIG DATE JITTERS: Sarah Spain wraps her eventful road to the Super Bowl with an interview with the CHICAGO TRIBUNE’s Redeyechicago.

Sarah Spain Super Bowl Date Alan

She explains attempting to sell her companionship on Ebay in exchange for a ticket to the Super Bowl (the site took her auction attempts down).

After learning of her plight on one of the seemingly hundreds of radio interviews that she did, Axe Body Spray gave her tickets to the game on the condition she solicit emails from men who wanted to go to the game with her (she claims to have received 1,500).

The payoff is the end of the vid, when we meet winner Alan, and share some nervous, awkward moments (think a Bears center exchange) between the two. In no way does the pairing harken YouTube’s legendary “Super Bowl of Love.”

And when it comes to Sarah (who should consider an endorsement deal promoting Crest White Strips), I have two words for the cameraman: PAN OUT!