Sarah Palin Is A Lying Traitor To Seahawk Nation

As we’ve earned in the past few weeks, Republican Vice Presidential nominee/GILF-to-be Sarah Palin is a hunter, and had a budding sports broadcasting career before she heard the siren song of politics. Now WITH LEATHER says we have another title we can give her: bandwagon-jumping sports fan.

Sarah Palin

Palin had told voters in Pittsburgh that she was a long-time Steelers fan - as KISSING SUZY KOLBER relates, she claims she started following the team in the 1970s because of their success and because there are no pro sports teams in Alaska.

But then there’s the report from SPORTS NORTHWEST that Palin apparently thinks that sports loyalties are fickle, since she’s a member of The Sea Hawkers, Seattle’s official fan club. (Judging by her ABC interview with Charlie Gibson, I’d have pegged her as a hawk, even if I’m not sure if she knows what that means.)

Now, with as bad as things look for the Seahawks this season, I don’t blame anyone for breaking their ankles jumping off of that bandwagon. But pick a team and stick with it, Gov. Palin!  This sort of flip-flopping is not what we expect out of our leaders. Next, you’re going to tell me that she just claimed to be a Steelers fan just to pander to fans in a swing state. Scandalous.

I wonder if she favors a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy towards Steely McBeam?