Sapp Battery Charge: Judge Delays Arraignment

Warren Sapp failed to show up this morning for what was to be his arraignment hearing at the Dade County courthouse in Miami on a domestic battery charge.

Warren Sapp March 3 Court Appearance To Be Arraigned March 17

Instead, Sapp’s lawyer Christopher Lyons requested and was granted a two week continuance. The move by Sapp’s attorney may be the first step in a plea deal, depending on who the Dade County District Attorney assigned to the case.

The March 17 appearance will likely bring a plea bargain or Sapp’s actual plea. Based on the favoritism already apparently shown Sapp in this situation by authorities, I’d bet the former.

Sapp is accused of domestic battery of his girlfriend on the morning of Feb. 6 in a Miami hotel room. In the police report, Sapp’s accuser said he choked her and threw her down.

The alleged victim also claimed that after the incident, Sapp texted her, “You whore.

Police reported the alleged victim had bruises on her body and a swollen knee following the alleged attack.

Sapp was taken off NFL Network programming after the charge during Super Bowl week. But he continues to be extremely active on his Twitter account.